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Specialist in the design and manufacture of
material for vegetable cultivation

The brand name Briand was created in 1978 by Mr Briand then bought by the Simon Group in 2004, bringing it into the Group as part of the company Simon. A strong synergy was born.

Briand designs and manufactures a specialist range of material for post-harvest treatment of vegetables: washing, grading, weighing, packaging, etc. The company's expertise has led to the international success achieved by its salad-vegetable washers and leek washer-peelers: more than 1,000 units delivered to date in France and worldwide. Thanks to its creativity, Briand has expanded its selection with innovative equipment for washing, grading and preparing carrots, turnips, celery, radishes - this has led to its being awarded a number of trophies for its fertile imagination, which it has placed at your service.

Located in the heart of the vegetable-growing Loire valley, near Nantes, the company developed in collaboration with the local vegetable farmers before spreading throughout the world.


  • 1978 the company Simon
    was created
  • 75 partners
  • 2 production sites
  • On 7,000 sqm

One Group, 3 companies, 1 aim: To satisfy you!

In 2004, Briand joined the Simon Group, now a specialist in material for vegetable cultivation with its subsidiary businesses: Simon (soil preparation and vegetable harvesting) - Briand (vegetable washing and preparation) - Simma (distributor).

Armed with 34 years of experience in the field of vegetable cultivation material, today the Simon Group is managed by Arnaud QUERU and is one of the leaders of its market. Over the years, the company has acquired unique, boundary-pushing expertise so that it can provide machines that perform ever more effectively, productively and with respect for the harvested product.

the Simon Group brings together more than 75 employees, all motivated by the same goal: providing the most suitable solutions to our customers' needs. Spread over two production sites covering more than 7,000 sqm, Simon's excellent production lines command the entire manufacturing process of the machines. From the design stage in our research office through to final assembly, we make sure we provide you with the machines that best satisfy you.

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